Jenn R.
Hip and Foot Pain

I had fallen off my bike, fractured my elbow, messed something up in my hip and then started to have foot pain. I’d been hurting for over a month. After visiting a couple of other doctors who didn’t really understand my issue, Dr. Greenwood understood exactly what was wrong and went right to work on the problem. After my second appointment I was 80% better and walking without a limp. After the third visit the hip and foot pain were gone. I did an 8 mile hike with just normal soreness from hiking. Dr. Greenwood gave me my life back. If you have muscle, tendon or other pain issues please consider Dr. Greenwood. He’s very effective and intentional about fixing what you need. So thankful to have my life back again!

Clay O.
High Blood Pressure

“I’ve been a patient of Dr Greenwood for over a decade. He has treated nearly my whole family.  From my 88 year old mother to 17 mo old grandson.  Even infants with injuries. We’ve all gotten immediate help. I have regular visits to keep my body healthy and aligned. I don’t just think of Dr. Greenwood for back pain because he help me with my whole body. He’s got my blood pressure lower. He’s always very convenient and prompt. He came highly recommended from a friend and I also highly recommend him.”

Back Pain For 20 Years

“I have been suffering from back and neck pain for 20 years. It’s been about 2 years since I started coming to Dr. Greenwood, and he has been able to control my pain and seems to understand exactly where I need adjustments every time… just by looking at my posture. I’ve seen many doctors, taken x-rays and MRI’s and they can never get it right. I visit Dr. Greenwood and seem to have immediate relief. I highly recommend him, he has been wonderful!”

Jennifer B.
Fever & Vomiting

“We had pulled my daughter out of school her 1st grade year because all of kindergarten she missed school at least one week a month due to high fevers and vomiting that lasted at least 4 days. Our pediatrician had tested her for every possible auto immune disease, and we spent hours in waiting rooms of different specialists. The symptoms only grew worse and she became debilitated by these symptoms every 2 weeks! Finally, my girl friend asked if I’d ever consider going to a chiropractor. She explained that her childhood chiropractor had started working on her son and really helped with his ear infections.

“I had never been to a chiropractor but I was willing to try anything. She referred me to Dr. Greenwood. He immediately assessed her and found her badly out of line. He graciously worked on her once a week for 6 weeks. It was the longest she’d ever gone without getting sick. The day before Thanksgiving she started getting that feverish haze and I called Dr. Greenwood. He fit her into the schedule at 4:00. By the time we reached the appointment she had a fever of 102. Still quite low for her as she would get fevers of 107, and then start vomiting. He sent us home with some instructions and said she’d go through all the stages of her illness but much quicker. I figured he meant in a couple days instead of the normal full week, but I was absolutely blown away. She did go through all the stages. She reached 107 degrees by 6:00, by 7:30 she was vomiting. And like a miracle by 8:00 her fever broke, with no fever reducer medication… something we had previously relied on. 4 hours and she was back to her healthy, happy self like nothing ever happened. Another 6 weeks went by and under his recommendation we were slowing her treatments with Dr. Greenwood to every other week. And a couple days before Christmas she showed signs of fever again. I immediately called Dr. Greenwood and he told me to bring her right away. He took her temperature and it was low, like 99 degrees or something like that. He worked on her spine and when he was done he declared that we caught it in time. She would be fine. Sure enough, she never got sick. It was the end of her cyclic fevers. He told me to bring her once a month and we never missed an appointment. She would go 6 years before we saw any of those horrific symptoms again (which happened to come about the day after we went to Knott’s Berry Farm). When we saw it coming we added an extra appointment with him that month and she immediately felt better. It was an unbelievable experience and I will always be indebted to Dr. Greenwood for giving my daughter the gift of health when no other doctor could. I will always refer friends and family to him! He was a true support system for her and our family.”

Sarah H.
Life Long Neck Pain Gone!

“A long fall onto my neck at the age of 2 rendered me a life long trial of chronic pain. As an active person and athlete, chronic pain can be very impractical and immobilizing. A classically trained and certified Pilates instructor for 12 years, mobility and movement have kept me going but not 100% pain free. As healers it’s hard to heal oneself. Suffering my entire life, now the age of 37, the past two weeks since having treatments with Dr.Greenwood have left me PAIN FREE! I did not think this possible. There is really nothing like him. I have had regular massages and adjustments the past 6 years and Dr. Greenwood has an approach to the structure of my body and it’s optimal healthy patterns that I have not experienced as of yet. I highly recommend Dr. Greenwood to all bodies looking for an intelligent and intentional healer.”

Ashley J.
Child With Croup Instantly Transformed!

My 18 month old had croup and was extremely lethargic. I brought him to Dr. Greenwood because I had heard that he might help. Oh my goodness… did he ever!! Literal minutes after Dr. Greenwood adjusted him, he was running around the office like crazy! It helped open up his lungs and gave him so much energy. I was completely amazed at the transformation in just one adjustment.”

Stephanie P.
Sciatic Pain, Improved Strength & Endurance

“Dr. Greenwood is an excellent Chiropractor and a down to earth individual. He does a thorough assessment, and re-assess to make sure his techniques are effective. I had horrible sciatic pain and I felt better after my first session. I look forward to my maintenance program and always feel stronger after I get adjusted. He is beyond intelligent, knowledgeable and passionate about helping others get to their optimum state. My husband also went to Dr. Greenwood after his hips were hurting him while training for a half marathon. Dr. Greenwood helped my husband with his pain and now that he is in better alignment, my hubby has improved his personal record for his half marathon races. We highly recommend Dr. Greenwood!”

Therese E.
Easy Childbirth, Saved From Foot Surgery and More

“I’ve been going to Dr.Greenwood since I was 7 yrs old. As a child I grew very quickly and it caused issues with my feet. He was able to save me from having foot surgery with regular adjustments. I’m now 33 yrs old, married and have two sons, who all see Dr. Greenwood monthly. He gave me regular adjustments all throughout both my pregnancies which lead to very quick and easy deliveries. My deliveries were so seamless that my nurses both commented that they were some of the simplest deliveries they’d ever been a part of. I had both my sons adjusted within their first month of life and they have been relatively healthy children. My children, now 12 and 10, haven’t been on antibiotics in over 6+ years. I attribute this to regular adjustments that give you a healthy spine and nerve system and allows easy flow in your body to better “communicate” and respond when issues arise.”

Angela N.
Car Accidents & More

“I believe Dr. Greenwood is one of the best chiropractors anybody could ever have! I have been with Dr. Greenwood for 30 years now and he has helped me with anything that has come up. He always seems to know exactly how to fix the problem! Also, He has helped me after I have had car accidents and he has fixed it better and faster than if I had gone to an MD. I trust him with my life and he has helped me for 30 solid years. He will be the only chiropractor for me! Thank you Dr Greenwood, for helping me live my life to the fullest!”

Kati B.
Headaches & Back Pain

“I’ve been to several chiropractors in the last 24 years and he is the best so far. He’s the only one that got me to walk again. He actually looks at the person rather than goes by a bunch of tests like my regular doctors did. He’s also a nutritionist and does not believe in a lot of pharmaceuticals unless absolutely necessary. But he will give you a clear-cut understanding of what needs to be done and most importantly, will tell you if he can help you.

He also got rid of my daughter’s headaches when she was 4 years old and medical doctors couldn’t help. Because of him, she grew up eating well and never being sick.”

Tyler B.
Headaches, Insomnia, Colds & Digestive Trouble

“I have been using Dr. Greenwood as my chiropractor since 2005. At that time I was suffering from severe back pain due to kyphosis (caused by poor posture). My job at the time was very physically demanding and involved lot’s of heavy lifting and repetitive movements. I was in pretty good shape, but it still took it’s toll. I was suffering from constant headaches, insomnia, frequent colds/flu, digestive issues.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I was referred to Dr. Greenwood. He’s extremely competent and proficient at his craft. He was able to identify the problem areas in my spine very quickly and after the first adjustment I felt so much better. My spine was so mis-aligned that if you looked at me from behind, my head, and shoulders were tilted fairly dramatically to one side. I could not believe the difference in how I felt after that first adjustment. And within 2 or 3 adjustments the transformation was dramatic. It’s like someone turned on the lights for the first time.

He also showed me different stretching and posture techniques to start correcting the problem and strengthen the muscles in my back.

Very quickly I noticed other changes in my health that I was not expecting. The headaches disappeared. I started sleeping like a baby at night. My digestive issues dissipated and after a few months I realized I had not gotten sick. I actually recently went almost 3.5 years without being sick. I could never have imagined that before. I also have a clarity of mind and feel much sharper and centered. And this is without any other changes in my lifestyle.

Chiropractic is not just about fixing your back, or helping with pain. Once the spine is in alignment it allows your body to start healing and functioning correctly again.

I can’t recommend Dr. Greenwood enough!”

Heidi S.
Hip Pain Gone

“I’ve always been hesitant to see a Chiropractor. After several major falls on my road bike, I wasn’t sleeping because of hip pain. A friend of mine suggested Dr. Greenwood and reluctantly, I went to him with low expectations.

I have to say, that decision to see Dr. Greenwood was the best one I could have made for my physical healing. He examined me and slowly worked on my body to re-align me. I went from constant pain that interrupted my sleep each night to full rest and no pain at all. He truly saved me from going to see a medical doctor who only prescribes drugs that mask the pain. He worked on my back and hip to bring me back to full health.

I have recommended him to many friends and recommend him to anyone looking for relief from pain and discomfort. Thank you, Dr. Greenwood, for your gift of understanding our bodies and listening to our needs.”

Don S.
Immediate Relief From Debilitating Pain

“Years ago, when I first found Dr. Greenwood, I was in such pain that I could hardly walk. His skills were touted to me by someone I trusted and she explained that he studied in Japan and also taught aikido. Jokingly I asked him to cure my pain or put me out of my misery. I walked out of his office with all the pain gone. Fortunately, my pain was due to spinal misalignment and once corrected it vanished. Since my wife had to help me get out of bed and dress that morning, it was amazing.

Dr. Greenwood recently, once again, gave me back my mobility. For me, he is a lifesaver!”

Karen P.
Active In Spite of Old Knee Injury

“I was looking for a chiropractor, but I was also skeptical. I was referred to Dr. Greenwood by a good friend. I have now been seeing him for 16 years. I have an old knee injury, but I still stay very active. Going to Dr. Greenwood on a regular basis has helped me stay active in spite of this. He also helps reduce the strain and pain that would otherwise affect other areas of my body.”

Mike K.
Lower Back & Neck Pain

“I have been seeing Dr. Greenwood on a monthly basis for a couple of years. Since I’ve been seeing him the chronic issues that I had in my lower back and neck have disappeared. One thing I appreciate is that Dr. Greenwood takes the time to explain what he’s doing and often shows you the difference in your strength and mobility before and afterward.  Dr. Greenwood is very good at making sense out of what’s happening with my body, that’s something I haven’t experienced with other chiropractors.”

Karen W.

“I really appreciate Dr Greenwood. He is so professional and accurate when he treats me. He is brilliant when it comes to diagnosis. He has helped me with my vertigo and other ailments. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Michele K.
Stomach Pain

“I have been going to Dr. Greenwood for close to 20 years. He is knowledgeable and gentle. Dr. Greenwood is my first call when I start feeling bad, and ALWAYS within a day of my treatment I’m feeling better. He advises on natural things to help your ailments and he’s always been right on. For instance, one time I was having upset stomach, he treated me and then also suggested Aloe juice to help as well. My whole family goes now to stay healthy. I tell many friends who are nervous about seeing a chiropractor to see Dr. Greenwood as he is caring, gentle, and has a great sense of humor.”

Carol P.
Pregnancy Care

“I have been going to Dr. Greenwood for around 25 years now. I came to him for back pain after my first pregnancy and immediately felt better and felt like my whole body was moving so much easier. With an easy manner and intuitive nature, he will listen and figure out where the pain is coming from every time – and I do mean every time! Because I have been going to him for all of these years, that I have kept myself in better health. Thank you Dr. Greenwood for keeping me upright!”

Will S.
Immediate Results

“After another trip to the emergency room because my back was “completely out”. I knew I needed do something different. Strong medications provided only limited relief to a growing problem. With some apprehension, I began Chiropractic care with Dr. Greenwood. For me, the results were immediately noticeable.  I have been able to enjoy my favorite activities again from biking to martial arts now in fifties that I was not able to participate in back in thirties. Dr. Greenwood’s care has changed my life”

Alana M.
Gentle & Patient

“I was a bit nervous when I first saw Dr. Greenwood 20+ years ago as I’d not had good experiences with chiropractors in the past. I loved his technique from the start, all manual adjustments… no machines. I tell all I refer to him how gentle he is. I always appreciate his patience in answering my many questions. In my estimation Dr. Greenwood is the best chiropractor around.”

Amelia M.
More Healthy Overall

“I have a range of health problems that I have been dealing with for years. I started seeing Dr. Greenwood for back pain, but had no idea at the time, that with regular consistent treatment, I would actually benefit in so many ways. Dr. Greenwood not only helped me with my back but with other health problems as well. He has taught me over the years the ways that our nervous system is connected to the rest of our body and how misalignment can cause the wrong message to be sent to various parts parts of our body. I have found that I am so much more balanced in my life now. I’ve also found that I am able to think more clearly.  Dr. Greenwood is amazing, he does so much more than adjust the spine. I really wish more people knew about this approach instead of taking more pills.”

Michael S.
The Only Chiropractor I’ll Go To

“I’ve been to many chiropractors in the past, but ever since I came to Dr. Greenwood he’s the only one I will go to. Not only is he a great person and always good to talk to, he also is able to locate issues and correct problems quickly without trying to make a fortune off of his clients. He is honest to a fault and that’s a good thing!”

Karri J.
He Made My Husband A Believer

“Dr. Greenwood has keep me healthy and aligned for over 20 years. I look forward to going cause I know I will get the best treatment there is. But most of all my husband is going now. He didn’t believe in chiropractic before and now he can’t wait to go to his appointments!”

Marcie G.
Childhood Migraines & Back Pain

“I would say that by far Dr. Greenwood is one of the best chiropractors I’ve seen and I have been going to the chiropractor for over 40 years since I was a child. I started seeing him when i was pregnant with my first child 18 years ago. He has helped me with many problems.  From carrying my child on my hip, to working long hours on the computer, to going to the gym, migraines, and plantar fasciitis. He has also helped my teenage daughter who was having chronic migraines, almost daily.  Since we started chiropractic care she rarely gets a migraine. We go at least once or twice a month to keep our bodies aligned and healthy. He takes a lot of time with you which is very rare in the medical field now a days. My entire family sees Dr. Greenwood and I always recommend him to friends.”

Mark M.
A Thorough Knowledge

“What impresses me first about Dr. Greenwood is his thorough knowledge of how the body works, not just mechanically, but from a total mind-body-spirit awareness. Next, he has a very thoughtful, measured approach, which helps me to feel confident when he does give a particular diagnosis. I also appreciate the fact that he’s hands-only. Machines can be okay but I believe his is the best way of telling what’s going on with the body. Lastly, his sense of humor and general demeanor put me at ease and help me feel secure in what he does. I highly recommend Dr. Greenwood.”

Eddie F.
Knee, HIp & Neck Pain

“Since I started going to Dr. Greenwood I can honestly say that my usual aches and pains have all but gone away. For as long as I could remember I had a pain in the upper right side of my back and no matter what stretches i did or pain medication i took it never seemed to ever really go away until i went in and seen Dr. Greenwood for the first time.  I was skeptical and figured okay this is going to be one of those chiropractic visits where the doctor says he’ll fix you right up they charge you an arm and a leg and nothing really gets done, well it was completely the opposite.  I was referred by my buddy his wife, they had great things to say about him so I gave it a shot. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Dr Greenwood has helped take away the joint pain I was having in my knees, the pain in my back and hips as well as in my neck. If you’re thinking of seeing a chiropractor I highly recommend Dr Greenwood, you will not be disappointed.”

Harry S.
Professional Musician

“I’m a lifelong professional violinist and regular chiropractic adjustments help me to continue to play well. Violin playing is hard on the neck and shoulders. I had just moved to the area from Los Angeles and I found out one of my students’ father was a chiropractor so I scheduled an appointment. Dr. Greenwood is great. He is charming and reassuring and his office is comfortable and relaxing. After an adjustment from Dr. Greenwood I always feel better, pain-free and lighter. I highly recommend Dr. Greenwood.”

Sharon S.
Feeling So Much Better

“Dr. Greenwood is a great chiropractor! I was in pain daily and once I started coming to see him consistently to get adjustments I felt so much better. He is so knowledgeable and knows exactly where the issue is coming from to heal it. I would highly recommended seeing Dr. Greenwood. It’s life changing!”

Chris B.
Helps Me With Active Life & Work

“I have been going to Dr. Greenwood since I was a child. He has always been attentive to the many injuries and pains I’ve gotten from my very active life and physical work.  It’s always interesting when he finds that I’m weak in an area and after an adjustment the strength has returned!  He’s provided great care to me and my family for over 20 years!”

Richard D.
Best Chiropractor I’ve Ever Seen

“Dr. Greenwood is the best Chiropractor I have ever seen! I’m in my 60’s and I’ve been blessed with excellent Chiropractors my whole life, but Dr Greenwood is the cream of the crop. He doesn’t do the same thing each time. He carefully finds the exact issue each time and fixes it accordingly Kudos to Dr. Greenwood!”

Dan C.
High Blood Pressure, Back & Neck Pain

“I highly recommend Dr Greenwood. I’ve been going to him for over 5 years and I can honestly say my body has never been better. After a lifetime of hard work my shoulders are much better and he has even improved my blood pressure. At one time doctors actually wanted to surgically fuse my lower spine and also my neck. I never did and I’m very happy with my decision to see Dr Greenwood. It’s made a great difference in my life.”

Mike L.
Agonizing Neck Pain

“When I came to Dr. Greenwood I could not turn my head , right or left, up or down without a lot of pain. I went to Urgent Care and they gave me muscle relaxers and pain pills and told to me rest and relax. After three in constant pain I wasn’t any better. I still had agonizing pain in my neck. I found Dr. Greenwood in Temecula. He has a very hands on approach and immediately found a misaligned vertebrae on my neck. With the feel of his hands he found the location of were the problem was and adjusted it. The relief instant and miraculous. I could finally turn my neck, right and left without pain. I was a little sore, but it a couple of days I was completely normal. I would recommend Dr. Greenwood to anyone.”

Cheryl B.
Better Health for Entire Family

“Dr Greenwood has been a part of our family’s healthcare for over 25 years! Keeping us aligned has contributed so much to our excellent health! The importance of our regular adjustments cannot be overstated! When I’m aligned my body is able to stay so much healthier! Thank You Doctor Greenwood! You are and have been a tremendous blessing to all of us!!”

Desi and Kenny E.
Disc Herniation & Numerous Injuries

“Dr. Greenwood has been fantastic. We have been seeing him for our chiropractic needs since 1999. We are on a monthly wellness plan and we rely on his care tremendously.

There have been occasions throughout the 20 years that we thought we would need serious medical treatment. Dislocated shoulders, sprained ankles, and herniated discs to mention a few. Dr. Greenwood restored our health. Now, before we ever go see a general doctor, we make sure we see Dr. Greenwood first for his advice, care and treatment. We have also found other chiropractors do not compare and they do not get the same results.

We proudly refer Dr. Greenwood to friends and family and the reply is always the same…. He is amazing.  The scope of his knowledge and treatment is commendable.”

Carre S.
Always Experience Relief

“Dr. Greenwood is by far the most effective chiropractor I’ve seen. He truly listens and gains understanding of the issue, rather than rushing or applying a ‘one size fits all’ treatment. I always experience relief and freedom of movement. I highly recommend his services both for specific issues and overall health.”