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For over 30 years Dr. Philip Greenwood has been providing expert health care for clients in Temecula, Murrieta and the surrounding communities to thousands of happy patients. Whether you are looking for relief from a chronic pain or health problem, recovering from an injury or car accident or simply want to improve your health and feel better, Dr. Greenwood has the experience, knowledge and skill you need. To learn more about Dr. Greenwood click here.



The source of most common pain can be found within the body structure. Problems in motion and alignment create patterns of stress and tension that cause strain and injury. These problems affect the joints, muscles, fascia (connective tissue), circulation and the meridian system. Medication can only mask pain. The natural solution is to restore health to these systems.


Whether from sports, an automobile accident or just everyday life, ever injury deserves proper care.  Untreated injury is often the source of future pain and other health problems. Within hours following an injury fibrotic tissue starts forming adhesions, hardened scar tissue. This process continues for several weeks, sometimes months following the injury and fixates a pattern of the injury in the form of misalignment and altered mobility which becomes a source of chronic pain and re-injury that can last a lifetime. Correcting problems soon after the injury speeds recovery time and reduces the risk of future problems.


Japan is known for having among the longest life expectancies in the world. In the traditional Japanese view, many common types of pain and illness come from blockage or stagnation in the body. This can be from misaligned bones that choke nerves and circulation.  It can also be from blockage in the meridian system.

These problems create an environment for illness to take hold. Dr. Greenwood’s skill and understanding of chiropractic and Japanese Meridian Therapy brings your body into a state of better balance, alignment and health.

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