A study the journal Spine, a leading medical research journal among orthopedic doctors, compared chiropractic, acupuncture and medical treatment for both spinal pain and overall health. The study was a well designed randomized controlled clinical trial conducted over a nine week period. Participants covered a broad socioeconomic and age range.


On pain relief, improved function and range of motion there is no comparison. In these areas chiropractic is nearly 5 times more effective than acupuncture and nearly 10 times more effective than medicine. The drugs used in the medical group included two non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen and naproxen) along with an analgesic (Celebrex).

The “General Health” results were not a measure of back pain, but were a standardized test allowing the patient to rate their own perception of their overall health. Interestingly, people receiving chiropractic care not only got better improvement in pain and functionality, they also experienced greater overall improvement in their own sense of health and well being.

Back in 1895 when Dr. D.D. Palmer first discovered chiropractic he adjusted the spine of a deaf man and his hearing came back. Like many developments in medical science and technology the event was somewhat serendipitous. Dr. Palmer thought that he had discovered the cure for deafness. Deaf patients came from all over to see if he could replicate the feat. To his and their disappointment there were no more deafness cures. But something else happened. His patients began to report that other ailments began to resolve such as stomach problems, headaches and many other illnesses. Dr. Palmer realized that chiropractic was correcting a deeper problem in the body – what became know as vertebral subluxation – which we now realize is a major source neurological imbalance and dysfunction leading to pain, illness and disease.