First hand experience about not getting chiropractic care when it was needed

I had my first chiropractic adjustment at the age of 23 by Dr. Greenwood. I didn’t know what to expect or what it was going to feel like. I remember immediately after he adjusted me I started crying.  It wasn’t painful.  They were just tears of relief. I could turn my head from left to right and not feel “stuck”, as I had for years and years. Maybe I should tell you a little more about my life up until that day when I first got adjusted.

“After experiencing the results of my own parents’ lack of awareness, I refuse to let my children grow up without chiropractic care.” ~ Heather Greenwood

My parents never took our family to a chiropractor growing up. They probably didn’t know what it was (I think this is true for many people- lack of understanding about it). My parents didn’t go to doctors or take prescription medication.

I was in a very bad car accident at the age of 12. My moms Toyota truck was totalled. Her head was cut open from the impact. She broke the gear shift off with her leg. My sister broke her right femur (thigh) bone, the largest bone in the body. This was a very serious car accident and my sister was bed ridden for 6 months in a full body cast. I on the other hand, had just a scrape on the knee. I am lucky I even lived because the impact was directly on my side of the truck. Little did the doctors know in ER, something inside my body happened that would live with me until that day I got adjusted.

I was seriously “out” when Dr. Greenwood first saw me.  Like a lot of people I had gotten used to living with pain like it was a “normal” thing.  He could see there were problems in my spine and posture that were the result of years of “neglect”. He showed me that my pain, poor alignment, different leg lengths and immobility were due to never getting chiropractic care.

Now, many years, and two beautiful children later, our family gets regular chiropractic adjustments. When I say regular I mean every week or two.  There were times when I have tried going longer between adjustments but  I can  feel when my body was “out” and things I never associated before – like insomnia, digestion trouble and irritability – are definitely due to subluxations that occur in my spine. Our children love to get adjusted (they actually argue who gets to go first!)  After their adjustments they get really calm and relaxed.  It’s like the power gets turned “on”.

After experiencing the results of my own parents’ lack of awareness, I refuse to let my children grow up without chiropractic care.  I know how important it is for them to grow up healthy.  I also know that the growing years set the stage for our whole life.  We think nothing of committing to a lifetime of dental care for our health.  Every baby, child, teenager, adult and elderly person needs regular chiropractic, not just when there is pain or when something feels “off.”

Best health to you,

Heather Greenwood