Rediscovering Our Place In Nature

The life we have made for ourselves is simply a little clearing in the woods. The bigger and more elaborate human civilization becomes the easier it is to forget that we all live in that little clearing. We’re all part of nature.

When nature encroaches into our comfortable little world she reminds us that we are guests here and that her rules may not always agree with ours. In fact, many of the problems we experience are the result of disconnection to our own nature and the natural world. We clear a space to make ourselves safe and comfortable and we’re surprised when something emerges from the surrounding woods. We may be flooded with fear and panic when we’re struck with the sudden disorientation one feels upon awakening in a strange place, only to find it’s not a strange place, but the place we’ve been all along.

My own life journey and my calling in the healing arts has been driven by a deeper motivation that I can now more fully appreciate when I look back on the path I’ve traveled for several decades. For want of another word, it is for me, a spiritual path. Not in any religious or mystical sense really, but just in the sense of re-connecting with nature and with oneself.

As a healer I treat and adjust the body. It’s more than just relieving pain or discomfort, although that’s often part of it. More importantly, each adjustment restores a healthier relationship with our own body which allows us to live in greater harmony within ourselves and our environment.

We will most likely all be exposed to this virus at some point. While we withdraw from some aspects of life by avoiding gatherings of people we must also take a positive actions.

Considering that a large number of those who suffer the most from this virus are those with reduced lung capacity.,,

What do we do to reduce our lung capacity?

  1. Sit on the couch all day
  2. Worry and get anxious
  3. Keep the windows shut and don’t go outside
  4. Smoke and other poor lifestyle habits

What can we do to improve our lung capacity?

  1. Laugh, cry or even both at the same time
  2. Go outside and take a walk
  3. Focus on deep breathing
  4. Open a window (moving the air also helps keep the virus from hanging out)
  5. Get adjusted – spinal adjustments improve thoracic mobility and lung function. Getting adjusted also reduces stress and tension in the autonomic nervous system which improves bronchial function, digestion, immune function and many other aspects of health.

We have made our cozy little clearing in the woods, but we will always be part of nature. And we have not choice but to learn to live in balance.

Please read here on specific measures we have in place to keep you healthy and safe at my office: