Interference in spinal nerve pathways is an underlying
factor for many allergy sufferers.

There are many types of allergies.  Airborne allergies to pollen and dust that affects the nose and eyes is probably the the most common.  Allergies to food, mold, or even grass can also cause devastating affects on our health such as diarrhea, hives and asthma.

We each have intelligent systems within us that defend us against invading foreign substances.  The lymph system which contains white blood cells and antibodies, the skin, the kidneys, the liver and the bowels all work to protect us.  These systems and are kept healthy by the master control system of the body – the nervous system.  In a number of recent experimental studies scientists have shown that chemical signals which normally allow nerve cells to communicate with each other are also involved in directing the actions of the immune system.

Many chiropractors including myself have observed that many types of allergy conditions can be relieved by correctly adjusting the spine.  Spinal vertebrae that normally protect the spinal cord can be knocked slightly out of place and interfere with the proper function of the nerves.  Researchers at U.C. San Francisco in 2001 found that in the nervous system, neurotransmitters that normally stimulate nerve cells also affect the migration of circulating lymphocytes and allow them to respond to signals from other immune cells in order to mobilize the bodies defense against infection. Through its action on lymphocytes cells, these neurotransmitters can affect the process in which the immune system turns against normal tissues and foreign substances and lead to problems like allergies, asthma and arthritis.  When the response mechanism of the immune system is altered it is called an allergy.  (The word “allergy” is actually a compound word from the words “altered” and “response.”)

Spinal subluxation (misaligned vertebrae) resulting in low grade disruption of nerve function is the body is very common.  This fact combined with what we now know about the impact of the nervous system on the immune system suggests that chiropractic should always be considered in cases of allergy.

The most important area of the spine for allergies
is the upper cervical region.

Many adults and children spend their life on heavy medications for allergies or take years of allergy shots, or they spend their life trying to avoid exposure.  The logical choice would be to assist in normalizing the antibody response via the most likely central cause – the spine and nervous system.

I have seen many patients with severe chronic allergies completely clear up with chiropractic care.  It is not always a magic bullet, but the only downside to chiropractic (compared to the numerous toxic side effects of drugs) is that your nervous system will be healthier.  It is certainly worth looking into for anyone who suffers from allergies.  And in many cases the allergy is a symptom of interference in the central nervous system which may be causes other, less obvious health problems at the same time.
The most important area of the spine for allergies is the upper cervical region.  It’s been my experience that many allergy problems simply disappear once the spine is properly aligned.

The job of the chiropractor not to treat a symptom or condition.  I do not treat disease.  Technically I don’t even treat sore backs.  The real purpose of chiropractic is to remove interference from the body’s central communication network.  When this is done the body has its best chances to heal itself, and all kinds of problems can resolve on their own without drugs or any other outside help.

The immune system, including the circulating white blood cells,
are under the direction of the central nervous system.

It is unfortunate to think that everything has been tried, if the very inner core of communications has been left short-circuited. Try chiropractic. Your body may work right after all, if the power is turned on.  When people say they’ve “tried everything” they are often still walking around with a “short-circuit” in their electrical system. Of course nothing seems to help. The lights can’t possibly work when the power is off no matter how many different light bulbs you try! Allergy relief is just one of many possible benefits that people can enjoy when they get chiropractic care.