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Dr. Greenwood is a Temecula chiropractor specializing in pain relief and structural health. This includes problems involving bones, joints, muscles and the nervous system. Whether your goal is to relieve pain, recover from an automobile or sports injury, improve physical performance or simply have a better quality of life, good structural balance and alignment are important to playing harder and feeling better.

Dr. Greenwood’s patients include professional and world class athletes in track & field, golf and baseball as well as military, police and firefighters where structural health is essential to performance and even survival. His experience and skill help speed recovery, relieve pain and maintain the body for superior health and peak performance.

Experience You Can Trust

Dr. Greenwood completed his internship at The Cleveland Chiropractic Clinic in 1990 where he received the singular Award For Clinical Excellence followed by a perfect score on the California State Clinical Competency Examination. He completed post-graduate residency with the renowned Japanese chiropractor Dr. Takao Nakagawa. Dr. Greenwood also served as Chairman of the Clinical Advisory Board for the Cleveland Clinic.  His research interests include biomechanics, human kinesiology and movement arts.

A former track & field athlete and long time martial arts practitioner for over 40 years, Dr. Greenwood teaches the Japanese martial art of Aikido at his school in Temecula.  His personal and clinical experience give him an intimate understanding of what it takes to maintain an active and demanding life.

Best chiropractor in Temecula, CA

Many clients say that without a doubt, Dr. Greenwood is the most competent, caring and expert chiropractor they have ever seen.