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I’ve helped thousands of people achieve more vibrant health, less pain and a better life for nearly 30 years. When you begin to understand the importance of your spine and nervous system you can appreciate that chiropractic problems can affect nearly every part of your health. By gently and specifically correcting these alignment problems we can relieve pain, speed recovery from an automobile accident or sports injury, improve physical performance and help you toward a better quality of life.

In my practice I’ve seen people through a lifetime of chiropractic care. Children don’t always complain of pain, but even so, chiropractic problems underlie many childhood ailments. As you age it’s important that you remain as active and pain free as possible. Even minor pain and loss of mobility can inhibit your desire to be active and this is a major roadblock to health. On the performance end I see athletes at every level from weekend golfers and marathoners to professional and world class athletes in track & field, golf, baseball as well as military, police and firefighters where chiropractic care is an essential part of physical performance and even survival.

Experience You Can Trust

When I completed my internship at The Cleveland Chiropractic Clinic back in 1990 I received the singular Award For Clinical Excellence followed by a perfect score on the California State Clinical Competency Examination. I then did post-graduate residency with the renowned Japanese chiropractor Dr. Takao Nakagawa. I also served as Chairman of the Clinical Advisory Board for the Cleveland Clinic.

I’m a former track & field athlete and have practiced and taught the Japanese martial art of Aikido for over 40 years. My commitment to health and fitness and my clinical experience give me an intimate understanding of what it takes to maintain an active and demanding life.